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About Us

Xoftmine is a collection of highly motivated and experienced professionals in their fields. We built this company in June 2014.

Our aim is to facilitate clients with a permanent solution so that they can perform their business activities with a great flow. We provide accurate and precise data with visual and graphical representation.

Our esteemed clients are the witness of our professional aptitude and attention to detail. Feel free to contact us with your queries and suggestions.

We Are Always Dedicated

We have adopted a scientific approach to recruiting, to attract and keep the best talent. We strictly follow Xoftmine recruiting SLA, which sets values for the optimal time-to-hire, cost of hire, acceptance ratio, candidate per hire and other metrics. The department conducts a detailed candidate research, focuses on the quality not speed of hire, carefully integrates new staff members, and applies preventive measures if we forecast any possible turnover.

Along with increasing staff productivity, our HR department inspires a genuine commitment to work through subsidized professional growth programs, organizing social gatherings and supporting corporate social responsibility activities.


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